What Email Client should I use?

I do not believe in using any online Email services. IE: Hotmail, y7mail or any of the others. My personal email is too import to be stored on a server for people to hack in to. When I first went to Windows 7, it took me a month to find the correct software. I found Em Client and it is better than anything else that I have seen.

Do you dislike the Windows Vista,7 and 8 menu?

Classic Shell Menu takes your start menu back to the classic Windows 98 or Classic XP style menu. It also starts Windows 8 straight up to the Desktop and not that buggy menu page. As Microsoft has done away with being able to change back to a classic menu, this is a great piece of software to return your computer back to the way you like it.

Send Large Files

Fair Go Mate’s File Hosting is a free file and image hosting service. If your files are to large to send by Email then use this service.
Large files really slow your Emails down or may even not send due to a file being to large and bulky.