Over the years we have had many web sites, though not with the name of this domain.

We are not ashamed to say that some of our websites have been very ugly in amongst the decent ones we have had.
Here again is our updated website after acquiring Fair Go Mate.
This time, “hopefully” with our new website we can make it look as great as possible so you will enjoy it and re-visit us.
On our previous site’s we have had Graphics libraries, Help Libraries, Java script Games site (though no more) and a couple of other useful things for you.
This time we are again hoping to bring you what you enjoy and need. The site will have, if not already here, a Graphics library, a Help library, a World Wide Email login and lots of other helpful things. It may not all arrive here at once though. After all, was Rome built in a day? They say not.
The term “Fair Go Mate” is an Australian slang term meaning to give a person a chance. IE: If you tell me to hurry up and finish that job, I would tell you “Fair Go Mate” if you wanted a decent job done, noun:- a plea for an equal opportunity or equitable treatment.