DIY Manual Dough Press

Pizza, Tortilla, Taco ETC Press

I have been looking for a 12″ minimum Dough Press for months.
I found that the prices were so absorbent and over the top for what I wanted.
Searched all over the Internet for a DIY dough press and I finally found a couple of ideas on Youtube.
Then I decided to think about what I really needed and for what purpose.

This is one of the first video’s I found.

Then I found the MKII video.

So then I made what is in the following image.

Approx $40 AUD to make. The pressing plates are 350mm square.

The weight of this press is 8Kg.
I found it was OK for small pressings but it would not work properly for larger presses.

I then found the following Video on Youtube.

This press was made from a car scissor jack and pipes which then gave me just the idea that I needed.

So I thought about it a bit more.

I went to the local marine store and got an old Jockey Wheel out of the scrap bin (FREE) and cut it up and cleaned it inside and out.

I have a bit of trouble these days doing a few things so I drew up a plan for my Engineer.
Gee I got so lucky with him as well. The whole thing was supposed to be done with black steel but he did it with food grade Stainless for me. He is moving workshop and he found some scrap Stainless Steel so he used that. (Thank you Mick) 

So here are some photo’s:


All up this press invention only cost $150.00 AUD.

The weight of this press is 15.090Kg. Still lighter than those presses you buy.
Took some dough over to the workshop when I picked it up and the guys there were amazed that it worked so well.
The pressing plates again are only 350mm square. Also had a tray made for it to make it easier to slide the dough in and out.
The press worked so well at the workshop that the dough was coming out of each edge of the plates.

  Download Plans