The image above is a photo of the longest straight road in Australia. The 90 Mile Straight {146.6 Kilometers} of the Nullabour Plane. It is part of the Main Highway between Western Australia and South Australia.

This website is made for ALL. How ever, instead of having everything scattered through out my web storage space, I have now been able to integrate everything into one area. Hence photo albums and etc which were previously hidden with all different web addresses and different logins for our trusted Family and Friends.
By using a Content Management System I am able to have everything in one place.
The members area is for Family and Friends to share our photos and what ever else we would like to share.
For Guests there will be most of what was available before except for a few things I think are redundant.
For all whom visit here, We hope you enjoy your visit. We as in members and I hope you return soon.

A Little Aussie Humor


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